Giving you all the tools you need to make every walk-in count.

Virtual Queues

Our platform allows your customers join a queue at you organisation from the comfort of their homes, this in turn reduces the level of congestion at your service points at any given time.

Appointment Scheduling

seamlessly integrates walk-ins with your scheduled appointments, preventing long gaps between customers on busy days. Collect valuable data such as customer name and service need.

Interactive Communication

Timely updates and notifications alert customers as they move to the front of the queue. Each message sent via text, voice, and app is customized.

Multiple locations

Whether you have more than one door to your building ormultiple offices around the world, you can use one single Identity account to manage them all.

Added bonus: all your locations inherit the features of your highest plan.

Customized Marketing

Deliver targeted communications or adverts via our Queue View Interfaces to customers, improving your marketing strategy.

Customer Surveys

Collect real-time feedback to know exactly what’s working and what improvements need to be made. Gather valuable insights to optimize staffing, identify procedural enhancements, and drive improvement to customer services.


Our real-time Dashboard displays each queue and location. At-a-glance views provide live data of what is currently happening at your locations.

Tracking & Reporting

Access real-time data for each queue or location. Our service management system features reports that include no-show rates, return rates, outcome, transaction type and service duration.

Command Center

Easily configure your account, manage your queues per location and manage employee accounts. Customize voice and SMS messages by terminal and transaction type.

Data Analytics

Identity works as a true brain for your service management, gathering data from all customer and staff interactions so you can easily measure the service performance.

Customer feedback analysis

The system gets and processes all information filled in by customers or staff members during or after the service, displaying satisfaction ratings, specific service feedback, or anything you want through customized surveys. A feature shaped for a customer-centric organisation.

Performance assessment

With ID Service, you can compare the performance between services, users, and even between different locations if you have multiple sites connected to our central server.

Forecasting service demand

Interactive charts display historical statistics and its variation over time, increasing the predictability of the number of visitors for an optimized resources management and consequently a better service quality. Service variation time , waiting time variation, ticket transfers flow will give insight to demand forecasting.

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