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ID Visit

Our app allows your visitors to check-in themselves so you can focus on giving them a friendly welcome.


Our sizeable set of visual customizations ensure your visitors feel they are in the right place, from colors to background-images, company logo and more, we have you covered.

Visitor recognition

Show your visitors that you’ve been expecting them. Have their name appear on the screen as they check in. They feel reassured that they’re on your list and their visit is off to a good start.

Instant pictures

Visitors can take their pictures directly with your installation device. The photo is available for your viewing (visual confirmation) and is sent to the host so he/she recognizes their guest easily.

Smart rules

Our solution allows your visitors to check-in themselves so you can focus on giving them a friendly welcome, not withstanding, ID Visit also improves the performance of your receptionist, making it so they can do more with less.

Express Check-In

To facilitate even faster check-ins, QR codes are included in your visitors’ check-in options.

Group Sign-ins

You have a squad coming in to visit? Don't fret, with ID Visit you can have a group Sign-in where a member of the group is captured and the others are added on as the plus-ones speeding up their entry process and leaving them with a smile when they see you.

Multiple locations

Whether you have more than one door to your building or multiple offices around the world, you can use onesingle Identity account to manage them all.

Added bonus: all your locations inherit the features of your highest plan.

Multiple Tenants

Share a building with other companies? Use the same tablet to greet all visitors. Your guests select your logo on the screen and check in.


Use badges? Not a problem, ID Visit allows the option of printing at check-in. No wait. No hassle. Just a great welcome.

Satisfy your need

With ID Visit's badge printing, you can satisfy your need for physical means of tagging your visitor via badges which aid security personnel and your staff in immediately identifying visitors and helping those that "Stray".

Pre-print your badges

If you’re expecting a rush at reception or simply want to plan ahead, you can prepare visits in advance and print visitor’a badges before they arrive.

Identify types of visitors

Want contractors to get green badges and visiting students to get blue ones? Just add rules while we customize your badges.

Make it useful

Add your visitor's appointment details to their badges. Include their meeting floor. This way, your visitors have all the information they need before their meeting even starts.

Use any kind of badge

Use the badges that work for you. They can be paper badges, swipe cards, badges that expire or anything else. If you need help finding the right badge, contact us.

Access control

Do you use access control badges? Not a problem for ID Visit. Our product can work hand in hand with your access control system. Let us know which system you use and we’ll get in touch.

Use any printer

ID Visit works with the hardware you have, including wireless printers. Badges can be printed automatically from your device of choice as visitors check in, or from the dashboard on your receptionist’s PC.

For suggestions of good badge printers, browse through our store.


Send helpful messages

From the host notification to Emergencies, blacklisted alerts and periodic reporting, ID Visit is the wonder you want.

Check-in notifications

Hosts and any other selected individuals receive an email and/or a text message when their visitor arrives.
Should you choose, and by default, the ID Visit "Accept or Reject System" takes over allowing your hosts specify if they want to see the visitor and letting them customize messages to them as well, saving time on both sides.


Giving you insights at light speed.

Visitors at a Glance

ID Visit's data view section allows appropriately assigned accounts view real-time visitor data in your organisation or any of your organisations giving you at a glance statistics on your staff visitors, letting you know who the current hosts are, how long has been spent and so much more.

Pre-register visitors

ID Visit allows you choose the host out of a list of registered employee names, pre-register your visitors through the dashboard or our provided interface for your staff. Once you’ve done that, your guests receive an invitation email and they’re included in your visitor list for that day, boosting their check-in speed and reducing their wait times. Keep your staff list up-to-date by uploading an Excel file to the necessary section as indicated in your account. Its that simple.


Booking and setting appointments has never been more easier


Staff can set an appointment with a visitor for a certain date and time. This feature makessign in very easy and fast while keeping the organization more professional and organized


Visitors, if permitted can request for an appointment with a staff and staff can accept and revert with a convienient date and time or simply ignore.

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